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The limited edition books are significantly larger, but otherwise have the same rough vintage print characteristics and content as the standard books. Due to the larger size the photos come a little more into their own, but make the books somewhat less convenient to hold than the regular edition.

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Remarks about the limited edition.
The limited edition is available as a relatively affordable softcover and as hardcover. (The maximum edition of the softcover will be higher than that of the hardcover.) The exact edition count of the limited version is not known yet. But because of the higher price, and the books are printed on demand only, it could be (in an extreme case) limited to a handful of copies. In the event of more interest, availability will be limited in such a way that these books retain their more unique and rare character. The limited edition is available exclusively in the Blurb bookstore.


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Brexit discount below!

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HARDCOVER Part 1 & 2

Limited edition Hardcover part 1

Limited edition Hardcover part 2

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Brexit compensation & introduction discount for the already relatively affordable Limited Edition (softcover version).
The reason for this compensation and discount is that the handling for the EU was planned in London. Brexit caused residents of the EU to suddenly have to deal with additional import duties and taxes. To compensate for this inconvenience you can temporarily purchase the nice large version (softcover limited edition only) for almost the same price as the regular version. (The discount is approximately 33%). The discount is only available by using the improvised secret links below!*

The 33% discount is already incorporated in the price displayed. (Possible) taxes, handling and shipping costs are dependent on the recipient address.

*This discount is especially meant for residents of the EU. We however don’t know, can’t prevent and don’t mind that others may take advantage of it. This Brexit compensation and introduction discount is available for a limited time, and is only applied  when ordering via the provided improvised secret links. The discount will expire as soon we manage to print the books within the EU as well.