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Globally available
To make the books globally available they are printed in the US, UK and Australia. Blurb book store below will always send your books from the nearest location, to most other countries and continents. Blurb is our preferred (quickest) book shop, but EU citizens might have to deal with import duties.

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999 Angels book part 1

999 Angels book part 2

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The books are also available on Amazon.com (US). They send the books to many  countrys.

Non-US, country-specific Amazon websites, may also have the books, but “sometimes” they are too expensive there!

Depending on where you live, the price of a book (excluding delivery) is about €30,–. If much higher, you might prefer another webstore.

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999 Angels book part 1

999 Angels book part 2

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Information about import of Books & Art
For some countries additional local duties, customs or taxes might apply and must be paid by the recipient upon delivery. As far as we know this is not the case if the books are sent to an address within the US, UK and Australia. For other areas we don’t know this. It might happen. Or, also possible, your package simply slips through…

Little funny/interesting side note
In case you live somewhere where the above mentioned applies, there is also a good thing to say about it. That is…, that you can easily prove (and proudly tell all your friends) that the received  “Book & Art Object“ of 999 Angels, came from abroad. Imported by yourself! Which, of course, makes it even more attractive, desirable, special and quite unique! So maybe, you are actually the lucky one. 🙂

Preview (text pages)
The books contain only a few text pages. The rest of the books are filled with photographs. The text is in English, however for this photo book text is not very important of course, but there is a nice foreword in the books by Lizzie Eldridge. (Click arrow to see more images). There is also an image of the back cover of the books.

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Display on screen may vary
and differ from print on paper.

Extra info for collectors of art & rare books.
Books purchased from the dp’s personal Blurb bookstore may be considered as the first approved and distributed Book & Artwork. They can be identified by their own unique ISBN number, but have the same content as books purchased elsewhere. Hard to say in advance which of the two ISBN numbers will win the “who is the rarest” contest. But collectors who want to play it safely, can buy both ISBN versions of course :-). Or see, to be super safe, about the limited edition below.


You may also be interested in the special Limited Editions

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A last minute (temporary) Brexit discount has been added for the limited edition. Click the button to read more about this discount, especially for residents of the EU.

Great, more news…
It’s seems that others (residents living outside the EU) can take advantage of the Brexit deal as well.