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You can set an email reference to a friend. In case you win, this friend will receive a gift as well. If you set more than 2 references, the 2 available gifts will be raffled among these friends. Inform/ask permission of the email owner in advance!*
*Tell your friends about it! Maybe they like to join the party, and can set a reference to you also. Which means that if they win, you might win too! 🙂
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Info & Terms of Service
Fun Action of 999 Angels

Why this action?
Simply because it would be marvellous to see where in the world the 999 Angels books have landed! Of course, you also support the 999 Angels project of Dirk Pieter. This all combined with some great fun. Every participation is highly appreciated!

Unfortunately, it  seems there need to be some rules when starting something like this. Oh well… here we go…

The winner of the Fun Action will be announced on this website (alternatively, subscribe to the email-letter to receive the result automatically). The winner will be contacted via the given mail address.
Please, only set email-references of people you know and would appreciate that you do so. In case of doubt, first inform/ask the owner of the email address. You can participate first, and add references later if you want. References must be set by the participant before the winner is made known. If the winner has not set an email reference, the ‘friend-gift’ goes to another participant of our choice.
We will not contact, send emails to (or use in any other way whatsoever) friend-references. However, if they contact us we might need to reply.

Received photos might be shown on this website or in context with the 999 Angels project. Send only photos made by yourself and/or be sure no copyrights of others are violated.
Subjectively decided

The winner is subjectively decided. A nice photo will be appreciated of course, but this Action is also about your support and fun. Anyone can win!

If the participant-winner has provided up to 2 friend-references these friends will win as well. If the participant has set more than two friend references, we will raffle the extra gifts among these friends. We will inform the participant about which friends are the lucky ones. It’s up to the participant to tell his friends and how the winning friends can claim their gifts.
To verify it is the friend who has won, he/she needs to contact us by using the email address that corresponds with the reference-email address that set by the participant. We consider anyone who contacts us via the friend’s address as a legitimate winner. Claiming via other email addresses will be considered as false, and ignored.
Double claim

In case an email address is not uniquely used (has more than one user), it’s technically possible that the gift will be claimed by more than one person. In such case the gift goes to the person of our choice.

A gift can be claimed as long the new books are available at the Blurb bookstore and within 12 months after the participant-winner is made known.
Gift & Appreciation
As a token of our appreciation for your participation, the winner of this Fun Action will receive the special limited edition of 999 Angels (hardcover, large version, part 1 and 2). The “friend-reference” -winner(s) will receive the nice limited softcover version of these two books.
Refund, if winner already has a limited edition
If a winner already has the limited edition, we will, instead of sending the books, refund the full amount of purchase up (and maximised) to the value of the gift. We will ask the winner(s) first about this item.

Free shipping
We will ask the winners to which address we can send the gift. Shipping and delivery is completely free of charge. For some countries the winner might have to deal with import duties/taxes and related cost, for which he is responsible. Let us know if this happens to you. We will also reimburse these costs as soon as possible, up to approx. 20% of the value of the books. We will make the payment in advance if we know these fees apply, but for many countries these don’t exist, or we don’t know.
Force majeure
We do our best to have the gift(s) delivered anywhere in the world, but in case of some very exotic places this might be impossible. Due to circumstances or if the delivery costs are much higher than the value of the gift, the gift can, at our discretion, be replaced by a payment equal to the value of the gift.
Any payment made by us might require a PayPal account.
Keep it fun and happy

By taking part you agree with the terms of service. They might change without notice if this seems needed to keep us all happy and in line with the intention of this contest. Just to keep it fun and nice for everyone as good we can.

Last thing (after the little boring talk above :-))
We are grateful for your support! It’s nice to see where the 999 Angels books end up! And, as you know, dreams might come true! Your participation will definitely give it a great start! Or, as we already said elsewhere: you might be the butterfly that causes a storm.